Sworn Translations

We translate official documents from and into the English language (extracts from the Commercial Register and Trade Register, extracts from the Criminal Register, documents proving professional qualifications, school certificates, diplomas, birth, marriage and death certificates, contracts, protocols, court decisions, invoices, financial statements, etc.).

We provide translations to serve predominantly the needs of courts and other public authorities, but also the needs of natural and legal persons. Translations provided by us are fully accepted by the state authorities to whom they are addressed. In compliance with valid legislation they are bound with a ribbon and affixed with a translator`s clause and seal. 

The quality of our translations is guaranteed by outstanding language competence of ours, knowledge of specific legal terminology and years of experience in translating legal texts. We have been authorized to provide sworn translations by the state upon having proved professional qualifications, having passed a professional exam, and following the registration in the List of Sworn Experts, Interpreters and Translators of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

The first-class quality and timeliness of our translations are highly valued by our clients. The translations are prepared effectively, economically and impartially. Maintaining confidentiality of information learned in the process of translation goes without saying.