Legal Services

Law Firm Juhaniaková & Partners

We advise our clients on the full range of employment and benefits issues. This includes advising on issues from working conditions, labour risk prevention, employee relations, HR policies and privacy, to restructuring and dispute resolution.

Labour Law

  • Drafting employment contracts, agreements on work outside employment 
  • Drafting agreements on termination of employment, notices on termination of employment given by employer and employee, notices on termination with immediate effect 
  • Drafting agreements on change of working conditions, transfer to different work 
  • Temporary secondment of employees, temporary employment agencies
  • Collective redundancies
  • Notice on termination of employment, notice period, ban on notice, compensation for termination
  • Claims for invalid termination of employment
  • Restriction of gainful activity after termination of employment
  • Work at home and telework
  • Drafting work regulations, remuneration regulations, other internal documents
  • Legal consultancy with regard to remuneration of employees
  • Legal consultancy with regard to employee´s general liability for damage, liability for deficit in entrusted values which employee is obliged to clear, and liability for loss of entrusted articles
  • Drafting substantive liability agreement responsibility for cash, stamps and vouchers, goods, material supplies or other values designated for circulation or turnover which the employee is obliged to clear
  • Drafting specific work agreement, student temporary work agreement, work activity agreement
  • Representation before courts, out-of-court settlements