Legal Services

Law Firm Juhaniaková & Partners

Our general commercial experience includes advising on all commercial contracts including contracts covering outsourcing conducted through a detailed procurement process, services distribution, software licensing, development, product, marketing, manufacturing, supply, maintenance and support, white labelling, collaboration, joint venture agreements and online terms and conditions. We also advise on non-contractual commercial issues such as data protection, freedom of information, document retention policies, eCommerce and sales law. Clients value the calibre of our team, the quality of our legal expertise and our ability to negotiate robust agreements.  Key to our success is the ability to combine the technical skills of our professionals with the business needs of our clients.  

Contract Drafting

  • Drafting of all types of contracts (purchase contract, contract for work, contract on commercial representation, mandate agreement, contract on sale of an enterprise, contract for the purchase of a leased item, forwarding contract, contract of carriage of an item etc.)
  • Drafting general business conditions and other documents
  • Negotiation of terms and conditions of contracts with business partners
  • Protection of confidential information, business secret, and know-how
  • Drafting a contract on conclusion of a future contract
  • Drafting framework agreements
  • Drafting international agreements
  • Legal consultancy with regard to security for an obligation (contractual fines, lien, three guaranty, bank guaranty, acknowledgement of an obligation etc.)