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Privacy of Employees in the Workplace


An employer shall not, except for grave reasons relating to the specific character of the employer‟s activities, intrude upon the privacy of an employee in the workplace and common areas of the employer by monitoring him/her, keeping records of telephone calls made using the employers‟ equipment and checking e-mail sent from a work e-mail address and delivered to such an address without giving notice in advance. If an employer implements a control mechanism, the employer shall consult with employees´ representatives on the extent of control, its method of implementation and its duration and shall inform employees of the extent of control, its method of implementation and its duration.  

An employee shall have the right to submit a complaint to the employer in connection with failure to comply with the above conditions. 

An employee, who assumes that his/her rights or interests protected by law were aggrieved by failure to comply with  the above conditions, may have recourse to a court and claim of legal protection.


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