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Job Sharing


A job sharing is a job in which employees in an employment relationship with reduced working time themselves distribute amongst themselves the working time and the job description appertaining to the job.



If the employees with whom an employer has concluded an agreement on assignment to a job sharing do not agree on the distribution of working time or job description, a decision shall be taken by the employer.


 If there is an obstacle to work on the side of an employee in a job sharing, the employees with whom the employee shares the jobs must substitute for the employee unless there are serious reasons preventing this on their side. The employer is obliged to inform an employee without unnecessary delay should the need arise for them to substitute pursuant to the first sentence.


An agreement on the assignment of an employee to a job sharing can be terminated by notice in writing by employer or employee. An agreement on the assignment of an employee to a job sharing shall dissolve by lapse of the one month from the date of notification, if the employer does not agree otherwise with the employee.


If a job sharing ceases to exist but the job description appertaining to the job continues to exist, the employee shall have the right to be assigned work equivalent to the full working time and job description that were assigned to the employee in the job sharing, and if the job sharing was shared between multiple employees, each shall be entitled to their proportionate share of the equivalent working time and job description.



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