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Authorization of Real Estate Transfer Contracts

JUHANIAKOVA & PARTNERS Law Firm provides authorization of real estate transfer contracts. What does authorization mean and what benefits bring to the clients?

Contract authorization is a process of authorization by means of which an Attorney-at-Law (i) prepare the contract, (ii) identify the contracting parties and their representatives, (iii) assess whether the contract does not conflict with or circumvent the law, or is not against good manners, and (iv) assess whether the execution of the contract will cause damage to any of the contracting parties.

The contract authorization brings the following benefits to the clients:

  • 50 % discount on administrative fees for registration of real estate transfer in the Land Register by means of electronic filing;
  • The Cadastral Office decides on registration within 20 days of filing compared to regular 30-day period;
  • No signature verification by a Notary Public; therefore, no additional fees; are required.